Selecting Surrogate

In today’s world it is very difficult to find a person who can devote 9 months of life to carry child of somebody else. “YIHS” ensures complete social, medical, emotional, economical condition analysis done before selecting a surrogate.

“YIHS” will take care of this important task through our donor database & subordinates.

Before confirming surrogate we will take care of following things

1.“YIHS” will do complete background check with respect to family details, education & habits etc.

2. We will educate surrogates about complexity of the task & complete procedure involved. Also counseling for surrogate and her husband's to understand them complete surrogacy program.

3. Surrogate mother will go through series of medical test & investigation (blood examination, infectious diseases, pap smear, genetic karyotyping, hysteroscopy, etc) required for infertility treatment.

4. Through fertility & Psychological evaluation will be carried out by respective filed specialist.

5. Detailed Legal agreement between surrogate mother & intended parent with all clauses like medical insurance, compensation etc will be taken care. Will make sure to complete signed off satisfying to both the parties

6. We will take care for complete routines medical check up , nutritional and medications required during pregnancy along with accommodation.

7. Under guidance experienced obstetrician we will ensure successful delivery of baby & handover of baby with all post delivery test & legal proceedings.




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