Promises & Commitment


YIHS will take care of end-to-end solution for getting healthy baby delivery for infertile couple.
1. Complete end-to-end solution on successful infertility treatment.

2. Accurately matching & getting the most perfect Surrogate Mother and Egg Donors for Intended parents.

3. Providing complete support on all legal documentation as well as keeping required communication confidential within Intended Parents & Surrogates mothers / Egg Donors.

4. Full co-operation on all logistic arrangements for out of Mumbai clients.

5. All financial transactions with proper receipts & confirmation.

6. Experienced qualified fertility clinics, fertility specialists, legal counselor and psychologists as required.

7. During pregnancy YIHS will take care of Surrogate Mother. This include medical checkup, medical insurance, medication, food, accommodation & full care till delivery of baby.


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